Best Way To Reduce Insulin Resistance: Reduced Vitamin D and Magnesium

  What Is The Main Cause Of Increased Insulin Resistance?   The November 2013 issue of the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research published the findings of a study conducted at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute in Puducherry, India, of reduced levels of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in diabetic individuals, as well … Continued

Natural Help For Underactive Thyroid: What To Eat

How Do I Know If I Have An Underactive Thyroid?   You might have a sluggish thyroid if…. you’re often fatigued, even after a good night’s sleep. you’re gaining weight for no apparent reason. you’re cold, even when everyone else is comfortable. you have a hard time concentrating. you’re frequently constipated. you have muscle aches, … Continued

Ecoflo – Best Fluoride Filter Water Bottle On Earth

Water Bottle That Filters Fluoride? Is Your Water Safe? How Polluted Is Your Tap water? Every year, millions of Americans get sick from water pollution, and in some cases suffer long-term effects. Human bodies average about 60% water content, so high-quality water is a fundamental stepping stone to good health. Besides being a good practice … Continued

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