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Ever had a “gut feeling”? Do things go better when you trust your “gut instinct”? Scientists are starting to prove that these phrases make more sense than you may have thought. Turns out our gut is actually like a second brain. Researchers have even named a part of our nervous system located in the gut: … Continued

Warning! Sugary Beverages can Give You a Heart Attack! It’s no secret that sugar-laden drinks are implicated in America’s obesity epidemic. But it turns out that sodas and other sugary drinks don’t just make you fat, they actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Frank Hu, MD, PhD, Professor of Nutrition … Continued

What is Inflammation? Inflammation is a complex response to a stressor, such as an injury. Most people divide inflammation into two types: Acute Inflammation Acute inflammation is short-term inflammation that is typically localized to one area of the body. It occurs in response to injuries like sprains, cuts, and bug bites or stings. Acute inflammation … Continued

Ahh… spring is in the air! But along with that sunshine and spring breeze comes pollen, and lots of it. While the worst of allergy season is over for some of us, for others, it’s just getting started. Pollen from all types of trees, grasses, and flowers can trigger an allergy flare-up, so it’s good … Continued

Natural Remedies for Managing Fibroids – How Can I Reduce Fibroids Without Surgery?   May 10-16th was Women’s Health Week, so for this post we have decided to spotlight an issue that many of our customers have asked about: our top 9 natural remedies for managing fibroids.   What are Fibroids?   Uterine fibroids (also … Continued

Is Eating Vegan Healthy?  Is a Vegan Diet Healthy Long Term? Is eating vegan healthy for your life?  We sometimes have customers that want to quit eating meat for all kinds of different reasons, but don’t know what to eat. While people sometimes assume that vegetarians are healthier, it’s not necessarily true. If you want to … Continued

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