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Ways To Improve Energy – Mitochondrial Health: 5 Ways To Improve Cellular Energy Part 1

Interview with Amit Petani

Cosmic Mike 0:03
Welcome to another episode on Insta live, you know, we all need energy on a daily basis. And our body requires energy from the food we eat, of course, to process the food we eat, for the activities that are going on. And of course, the digestion of the food, our sight and the mind, you know how it kind of goes on. And so energy is a daily requirement and in the mind in the physical body, but you know, we kind of depleted very quick, it’s just like your phone charger or your phone battery, where you charge it in the morning on a fall. And by the end of the day, depending on the your usage, the amount of times or how much you have used that particular phone. You know, it uses up the battery and you plug it at night. So basically we go to sleep to gain that energy back. But you know, sometimes we In the day, we have so many things happening, so many responsibilities, so many things on our mind that that energy gets depleted by midday. So what do we do you know, they’re there. Of course, you can grab something to eat, get some caffeine, but I’m sure there are a lot of other ways where you can get a lot of that energy pretty quick. So that’s why, you know, today we are talking to Amit petani, straight from India, Mumbai, and he’s a certified expert in this energy practitioner, so, and an outdoor guy really just for life. He’s an engineer by profession, but his just for life kind of brought him into his passion, which is basically turning mechanical energy, which he was studied at, but you wanted to find the inner energy, I guess, the inner engineering within him, and that’s why it’s taken him to in different paths, and we just want to talk to him and kind of get his thought on the whole energy process. And how does the body manipulate or use that energy and how we can restore it, you know, pretty quick, and I see that he’s already Onboard so welcome it without any further ado there. I’m going to get you on

Cosmic Mike 2:10
Are we just waiting from it to come on to you know? Hey, how are you?

Amit Petani 2:15
Hi Mikey how you

Cosmic Mike 2:18
go good man how’s stuff in Mumbai,

Amit Petani 2:20
Mumbai we are things are better logged on as kind of the unlock phases kind of easing up a bit. So you know we can go out and it was a nice evening today I could take the family and kids to the beach. What’s a nice, natural vitamin D and you know, be grounded with Mother Nature. That’s so important.

Cosmic Mike 2:42
Wow, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty so you got energized I guess we’re the sun. You got the vitamin D and you got to energize. And that’s our topic right now. Yeah, so that is basically our topic is I wanted to pick your brain on this since you are the certified energy practitioner and I’m sure you have practiced this before. When yours, so tell me something you what is what is it? You Really? You know, what do you define?

Amit Petani 3:06
Yes. So Mike I told you about you know, the energy of course, that energy is everywhere and it’s in everything you know, like I’ve said in my podcast before everything that you see the food that you eat the the the, the ambience, the air that you’re breathing in the prana I mean, everything is at a quantum level is energy. And when I’m cinquanta level means at that level, and the energy can behave like as a particle or as a wave. Now, basically, what are we be ourselves also nothing but and it’s perfectly proving it’s not that I’m talking to something out of my head, I mean, you know, also just energy vibrating at a much lower frequency which can be perceived by us, you know, our sense perceptions. So that’s what it is. But if you go deep down, and you’ll see that we are further breaking down to the molecular level. You go further down, you go to atomic level, you further go down. And then you go to the spooky level, which you know is the quantum level which everything you know, the natural laws of physics don’t apply, where you know particles, everything behaves in probabilities. So it’s a field of potential. So, for example, let me give you a kind of analogy. Suppose if you take an atom and you look at its nucleus, right, and you hold it and compare it to a pinhole, okay, and then you want to, you want to kind of gauge the force electron along the nuke the nucleus of the atom, it’s almost 60 feet. So basically 99.99% that is, point nine 912 decimal places is just empty space. And only point 0000001 is actually matter. So this empty space is basically the feature potential. ality the energy which you’re not on kinds of trance, the propagates through the matter. So everything the background backdrop, the backdrop Looking at energy you know from a totally different perspective so the backdrop of everything is this energy or this one point single force energy. And from there you kind of see you know, manifestations into matter. were free whereby the energy is vibrating at different different different kinds of frequencies and that’s what it is matters nothing but

Amit Petani 5:23
energy vibrating at a far lower frequency.

Cosmic Mike 5:25
But I guess I guess putting your energy to where you focus on and you manifest that in your life you manifest into the matter itself.

Amit Petani 5:34
Exactly. Exactly. And that’s why it is so important I’m and that’s why there is so much like you know, be spoke about the book The last time mind Oh motto. It’s so important that the mind body Connect is so strong. I mind it plays such a strong energy flow. All the flows through our body, what we call an IU radar, it is so impactful. So I think energy, the dumb The energy is the main backdrop the potential from the physicality manifests.

Amit Petani 7:16
It’s tired of technology you can’t help

Cosmic Mike 7:20
we cannot control this.

Amit Petani 7:26
Of course, we can definitely control over online at that point. So sorry, are you where you started with? So the, the latter half of what you were saying by energy so

Amit Petani 7:39
yeah, so what I’m trying to say that backdrop of everything is the single unified energy and from there we kind of see waves of potential energy coming out. And you know, that’s what you and me are kind of energy manifested in this three dimensional form. And, and what about what this energy medicine that I’m talking About is basically reorganizing and re unblocking the enemy you know you’re the energies which before culminates into a physical discomfort which we call as this is so we kind of take care of it at this root at the source level at the potential level. So that what what energy you know healing and medicine is all about.

Cosmic Mike 8:22
So, you taught me about the chakras to really make sure the chakras are clear so the energy is flowing between the soccer

Amit Petani 8:30
so my there’s so much to energy chakras are just a part of it so basically you got energy meridians you know, it’s like it’s like, it’s like energy highways flowing through your body, you know, and the Chinese kind of also took it up from us, you know, way back way back before and that time the medicine was all about you know, he kind of realigning and reorganizing your energies. What is acupressure is nothing but pressing these energy points in order to direct or to remove blockages. energies that are flowing through your body. So there are about 13 or 14 energy meridians that are flowing through your body and each meridian corresponds to an organ that it flows through. So it’s very important that these energies are flowing well because they are kind of helping maintaining the organs that they are flowing through it as well as it’s like one energy meridians feeding to another energy Meridian, you know, they all need to work in sync. And unfortunately, that does not happen because every day we are bombarded with energy from all sorts which are manmade, like you talk about electromagnetic radiations or you talk about additives in foods or you talk about the toxic toxic toxicity in the air that we breathe. So all that impacts us even at an energy level. So like how we do kind of we’re so particular about, you know, brushing our teeth, doing our floors, you know, taking a bath every day, we need to do a kind of an energy floss every day, you know, to keep ourselves plugged in and charged in and we forget about it.

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