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Shocking Suppression Of Natural Urges Ayurveda – Adharaniya Vega | Suppression Of 13 Natural Urges

Suppression Of Natural Urges Ayurveda – Adharaniya Vega

Suppression Of Natural Urges Ayurveda - Adharaniya Vega Suppression Of Natural Urge

The three major components of Ayurveda are Panchamrut, Suvarna-Parpati, and Suvarna-Malini. They work together in the treatment of all the diseases of the body. The weakness of the body is due to the imbalances in our tissues, which can be corrected with the help of these medicines. Although there are many medicines which cure the external manifestations of weakness, our internal weakness is not cured. But these medicines help in the treatment of the weakness within the body.

When we say weakness in this context, it means debility or weakness in various parts of the body, especially in the nerves or in the muscles. This weakness is caused by the imbalance in the nature of the energy or life force in the body. When this energy is not in its normal state, then it is called debility. When the energy is in its normal state, it becomes strong and active.

There are many diseases like diabetes, cancer, angina, asthma, etc. which are caused due to imbalance in the forces in the body. So, it is very important to understand the disease in order to treat it properly. This disease can also be due to some other disease. So, one has to consult a qualified Ayurvedic physician to treat the disease properly.

What Is The Significance of Weakness In The Body?

The weakness is caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are weak bones and weak muscles or weakness in the nerves. The natural processes of nature are in a process of working but due to certain reasons, the process gets affected.

This disease is very common in the Asian countries. Many people who don’t follow the traditional methods of treatment go for this disease. They don’t believe in nature’s ways. They think that disease can be cured with the help of medicines only. But, in the Ayurveda, it is said that weakness is caused due to the unbalanced forces in the body and not due to the medicine.

If the medicine is taken from the outside, it will have an effect on the body and cause weakness. But, when medicine is taken from the inside, it has the power to repair the body tissues and strengthen it. The Ayurvedic physicians give the patients’ special pills that contain herbs that strengthen the internal organs and cure the disease. So, patients are cured from the disease even before they show any symptoms.

Are There Side Effects To Drugs, Pills OR Natural Remedies?

Drugs and pills can be very efficient when used for a long time. However, there are some side effects also. The most important and common side effect is the reduction in the immunity of the patient. Another important thing is that after the treatment, the person might become weak for a few more days. This happens because the toxins are still lingering in the body system and it takes time to get rid of them.

So, people should prefer natural remedies for curing the disease rather than taking medicine that is not approved by Ayurveda. There are many supplements available in the market, which contain natural ingredients and are very much effective. If you are willing to use natural treatments for your illness, you should consult your physician and know the exact cause of your disease.

Some types of disease that can be treated by the Ayurvedic medicines include thyroid problems, migraine, anxiety, colds, and cough, fever, chronic fatigue, backache, pain in the bones and joints, asthma, arthritis and constipation. In the ayurvedic texts, the herbs are very much useful for curing different kinds of diseases. The herbs are very much effective for treating the above-mentioned diseases. In addition, herbs also help to reduce the pain in your body and also improve your energy level.

When you are taking the pills for treating the disease, you must take at least two pills everyday. You can either take the herbal or the synthetic tablets. Both of these tablets have the same composition but with the difference it is the dosage that are given to the patient. So, it depends upon your physician which type of medication he will prescribe you.

It is important to use the right kind of medicine in order to cure the disease. There are many people who commit mistakes by just listening to the medicines without any knowledge about their side effects. There are many people who believe in the natural ways to treat the disease but do not have faith because of lack of knowledge. If you are in the group of such people then I tell you that all your efforts will go in vain. Just follow what the doctors say and do not try to save yourself by using natural remedies. Use medicines as prescribed by the doctor and you will get rid of the problem quickly.

What Are the Causes of A Loss of Taste and Smell?

It is not uncommon for urinary tract infections like the common cold or even flu to affect the sense of taste and smell. In reality, it’s believed that a temporary loss of taste occurs in more than 60 percent of all sinus infections and acute lower respiratory infections. Other conditions that can cause loss of taste include kidney stones, certain cancers, and stress. Here, we will take a look at some of the best ways to treat loss of taste and smell, as well as ways to prevent this problem from developing in the first place.

For some conditions, medication may be the answer. Some of these conditions include vitamin A toxicity, which cause a loss of taste as well as nausea, and vitamin B deficiency, which cause vomiting and nausea. There are two main categories of medications used to treat taste loss: medications for immediate relief and medications which act over time to prevent loss of taste or smell. There are also homeopathic remedies which use a combination of natural ingredients to help restore balance and promote overall health.

The first step to treating a loss of taste or smell in the mouth, both acute and chronic, is to figure out what is causing the loss in the first place. This involves a trip to your doctor to get a diagnosis of any underlying medical condition, which may affect the sense of taste or smell. Often, loss of taste or smell is a sign of systemic illness (which means that the disorder affects the whole body), such as diabetes, poor nutrition, or viral or bacterial infections. Certain cancer treatments can also cause a loss of taste or smell, such as chemotherapy. Your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis with a urine test or biopsy.

Systemic Illnesses Wreck Havoc On The Body

Systemic illnesses are one of the most common causes of loss of taste and smell, but there are other potential causes as well, including injury or trauma to the throat, nose, or ears, exposure to radiation or chemo-radiation, head injuries, or an abnormal growth on the brain or elsewhere. Common deviated septum problems and brain damage caused by traumatic head injuries can also result in loss of taste or smell. Other causes include diseases of the digestive tract, including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Many times, these disorders can be treated and improved with diet and medication.

Certain drugs, including some antidepressants, are known to cause loss of taste and smell. Medicines used to treat anxiety, including anxiolytics and tricyclics, have been known to cause a loss of taste and smell in certain people. When these medications are discontinued, the taste buds eventually return. Also, some oral contraceptives have been known to change the way the brain responds to taste sensations and cause a loss of taste and smell as a side effect. Certain types of cancer medications, such as chemotherapy, have also been known to result in loss of taste and smell in some patients.

While these medications can cause a temporary problem, they often go away after a short period of time. For many patients, however, this is not enough time to evaluate the underlying cause of their problem. In these cases, several visits to a dentist or a specialist are needed to find the reason for the issue and the best way to treat it. Once the cause is identified, a treatment plan can be devised to make the affected person feel better while he or she recovers. If you have had a loss of taste or smell that has resulted from some type of oral problem in the past, you may want to consider trying one of the many natural remedies that are available. Many patients have found relief using these natural treatments without any type of negative side effect.

Suppression Of Natural Urges Ayurveda – Adharaniya Vega | Suppression Of Natural Urge With Cosmic Mike

How To Control Eating Urges - How To Stop Overeating Using Mindful Eating Practices - Cosmic MikeHow To Control Eating Urges – How To Stop Overeating Using Mindful Eating Practices – Cosmic Mike

You know, what are the natural

urges that a body and we usually do that we should not be suppressing them this

is Cosmic Mike here again from each one of us. Welcome to another episode of Ayurvedic

Monday. You know, the leaders believe and this was practiced, of

course, 5000 years ago, that there are some natural urges that we shouldn’t

suppress. But in this, you know. Present life and this futuristic life that we

live with, all this technology and social that we surround herself with, you

know, we tend to suppress some of these simple natural urges that we all do and

we all have done.


I want to go through those quickly.

Of course, the first line one is gas and flatulence. You know, a lot of us

think that that’s not good or in the Western, you know, where they feel that

it’s not appropriate to pass gas. But, you know, gas is a natural process. It’s

where the food is broken down. Your carbs, your proteins, your fat, everything

is broken down naturally. And it’s a byproduct which is gas.


And the body has to be eliminated.

And the body’s telling you that I want to get rid of this. And this is very

essential and very easy. You know, sometimes we feel that we we you know, we

stop or hold the gas force in a different situation or in the environment that

you’re in.


But doing that on a regular basis

can cause a lot of issues in your digestive tract, resulting in lack of

digestion, maybe constipation and other digestive issues. So, you know, I guess

I guess we have to watch where we’re doing it and who we are with. But that’s a

natural urge of the body to break. And, you know, your food down there. The

next one, of course, is the bowel movements, the bowel movement.


When you have a bowel movement or

suppress the bowel movement because we are traveling or because we are working

or because we do not have the right place where we want to be. That’s why it’s

important to train your system or train your body to basically have a bowel

movement while you are at home, either in the morning or at night, especially

in the morning. That’s why you want to do well. Get ready in the night before

you sleep by having warm liquids.


Magnesium Chapela is one of the

other things. You can have enough oil or fat in your diet that can help with

moving the bowels through easily. So suppressing the bowels also is not a good

thing. Your nation, of course, again, you know where we do not have the right

place or, you know, most of us or a lot of us have seen this and females in

general, you know, holding the urge to urinate where they can pick up a lot of

those urinary tract infections.


And that’s where it’s happening

chronically, regularly if you’re doing this on a long term basis. So everything

that’s moving through gravity on a downward, if we stop or we kind of stop the

suppress those urges, the body’s going to start pushing them back up. That’s

the natural process, the natural process, of course, for it to flow through,

which is the water which is flowing downwards, which is a downward movement.

And that’s why these urges are so important to do when we have to, you know,

belching another one where it’s been telling us that the food is being broken

down properly, where after a meal you’ve Beltz, it also tells you that you’ve

had enough that the body’s taken.


You don’t want to stuff yourself,

but of course, a lot of belching is not good where you can have some other

issues, other digestive problems, liver, pancreas, you need to look into that.

But, you know, General, a good amount of belching is basically fine, especially

when you’re having fennel, ginger and all these bitters after your meals, which

are making sure you’re digesting your food properly. So belching also there’s a

natural urge where we shouldn’t be suppressing, of course, sneezing.


S.V. Sneezing is one of the ones

you know, I remember in school I used to hold my nose and sneeze. So, you know,

everybody else would not get disturbed or the teacher wasn’t going to start.

But that’s a natural urge. And of course, you should be sneezing away from

someone else, you know, especially in this scenario where we are in right now.

But it’s a natural urge. You want to make sure you’re sneezing because that’s

the natural process of the body to get rid of the allergen that’s causing the

the sneezing urge where when you’re sniffling or when you’re taking in pollen

or taking in germs or dying bacteria, it’s telling the system that, you know

what, I don’t like this and what is out.


And that’s where we sneeze, where

saliva is allowed through your nose. The congestion is getting out and it’s

removing that particular particle or that bacteria. So that’s also a natural

perch. Yawning That’s another one. I would say it just tells the body that I’m

tired. It’s time for me to rest, time for me to relax. And that’s also a

natural urge where we should not avoid we should open up as much as possible

because I’ve seen when I know you know, I’m sure a lot of you have gone through

this on the planes.


When you’re yawning, it’s opening

up the air pressure in your ears and stuff. Of course, now is not the time. I

guess we can’t do that in the planes at this time and moment with the covid

sleep. Another urge where if you’re feeling sleepy, of course, you know, I know

a lot of people will be suppressing sleep, but due to social activity, though,

due to work, due to studying, you tend to do this.


And in a long term chronic, you

know, way it can be a problem where the body doesn’t stand when you want to

sleep. So where you will come to a point where sleep going to sleep can be a

problem because you have done this in the past where when you’re sleepy, you’re

just going ahead and watching a movie or going in and being social with your

friends or being out. So that’s why time schedule, everything is very

important. What time do you eat?


What time do you sleep? Is a very

important thing for the body to understand the clock work. If you’re here and

there, then it goes all haywire. The next one is cough. Cough again. Is the

body telling me that I do not like what’s in my lungs? I want to get it out.

It’s important to have that cough. Suppressing the cough can make the cough

even worse. Because it is the natural process of the body to know that and

understand and do not like what’s in the lungs.


I want to get it out. Heavy

breathing, you know, when we exercise and we breathe heavily or pant, that’s

also a very natural process which can be done or should be done even when

you’re not exercising. That stimulates the heart, but it also stimulates the

process of pranayama, where it’s moving the ear back in through the lungs,

clearing the lungs and congestion in the lungs or in the air pathways. So it’s

important to take some deep breaths, even if you’re not exercising throughout

the day, maybe 10, 20 deep breaths throughout the day.


You know, vomiting is considered

one of those urges.


A lot of people in the West may not

understand this, but, you know, in the east when we were kids also, we would

use a tongue cleaner. And most of the time you would push that tongue all the

way back of the tongue first thing in the morning and it will make you puke.

And that is what it is doing. It’s trying to get rid of that congestion that’s

built up, especially overnight. Whatever you read in the night before, there’s

always going to be some congestion.


That’s why you had the white foam

on your tongue first thing in the morning so that the tongue scraper is

basically cleaning the tongue, but also making you vomit.


And that’s a natural process of

detoxifying where, remember, we have only two places where things can go out is

to the mouth or through the 80s. And this is one of the ways if the food or

anything is stuck in the stomach or left or it’ll be able to get out. So

vomiting on a regular basis is considered as Provida, one of the natural urges

and. You know, so I think most of these that we have covered, this is a very

simple thing that we overlook and kind of don’t pay any mind to it.


But if you look at it, if you start

doing that, you will feel a lot better in your digestive system, in your sleep.

Of course, thirst is another one. You should be drinking water when you’re

thirsty, not just drink water because they tell you or you read it somewhere.


Your body knows exactly what it

needs and when it needs eat, when you’re hungry, where we stuff ourselves

because, you know, again, restaurants or, you know, in a party or you just love

that particular food or that taste.


So definitely eating when required.


And if not, doing this will cause,

of course, weight gain, you know, digestive issues, constipation, IBS, all of

the load of those chronic issues that happen later on. It starts very simple.

And, you know, once we start looking at these signs, we can always go back and

clear our bodies of all these channels that are in our body by just managing

these few urges that are there. So I hope that was helpful.


I know it’s a little bit long, but

I wanted to cover all 13. This is Cosmic Mike covering and hopefully everyone.

And Happy New Year. All the best to keep safe. We’ll catch up again on

Wednesday on vitamin Wednesday. Thank you. Have a good night.

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