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Supplements to Support Yeast Balance, Manage Candida, and Maintain Healthy Bacterial Balance

Whole Body Yeast Balance

Why use supplements to support healthy yeast balance?

It’s supported by research.

  • Clinical research shows that supplementing with the probiotic power of Lactobacillus acidophilus, rhamnosus, and plantarun support and help restore healthy yeast balance in both men and women.
  • Research shows that oregano oil extract has high levels of total antioxidants and supports healthy balance of microflora.
  • Clinical studies found thyme was effective in supporting healthy yeast balance
  • Clinical studies repeatedly demonstrate peppermint oil’s efficacy in supporting digestive tract health.
  • Fiber helps rid the body of toxins and supports healthy yeast balance.

Why use Whole Body Yeast Balance?

Three formulas help in three ways in only 10 days

  • Restore healthy yeast balance and eliminate undesirables.
  • Rebalance your body’s pH levels.
  • Replenish beneficial bacteria and optimize digestion with yeast balancing probiotics.

The ingredients have an excellent history of safe, effective use
The herbal extracts and probiotics in these formulas have well-established safety profiles and clinically demonstrated effectiveness supporting healthy yeast growth.

Supporting healthy yeast balance may also support healthy blood sugar metabolism
The fiber component of Whole Body Yeast Balance may help support healthy blood sugar levels already within normal limits.


Yeast Balance

Some of the best-studied herbal ingredients.

  • Yeast Balanceis an herbal blend for the healthy balance of yeast organisms.It includes some of the best-studied herbal ingredients:
    • Oregano and thyme aid in digestion.
    • Peppermint Oil supports colon function.
    • Goldenseal contains compounds beneficial for overall support and immune health.

Why use Yeast Balance?

Because it is a natural way to support yeast balance – an important health concern.


Candida Check™

Maintains Healthy Yeast Balance

Maintaining yeast balance can be challenging. Finding an approach that works naturally requires having the right blend of ingredients. Candida Check™ provides four botanical oils that support healthy Candida balance in the mouth and intestinal tract.

Candida Check™ features the strong, Bio-Typed oil of Ravensara, fresh from the leaves of the Ravensara aromatica tree. It is known in its native Madagascar as the “tree with good leaves” because of its many health supportive benefits. EuroPharma’s source for ravensara yields one of the only versions of this oil that is pure and safe enough to be taken internally. When combined with the powerhouse plant oils of Thyme, Eucalyptus, and Clove, the result is superior support for healthy intestinal flora, and the balance of Candida and other naturally-occurring yeasts throughout the body.

• Concentrated, powerhouse Bio-Typed plant oils
• Supports yeast balance throughout the body



Because the cell wall of Candida (and all other fungal organisms) is made mostly of fiber, fiber-digesting enzymes can break it down. When the cell wall breaks down, the yeast dies, while causing virtually no healing crisis. While Candida can develop immunity to anti-fungal drugs and herbs, it has no defense against the enzymes in Candex™.

For 10 years, Candex™ has provided the most potent blend of plant-based, fiber-digesting enzymes available for those suffering from Candida. It is the only such product that has been studied in a human trial, and has helped countless people live richer, fuller lives. It works very quickly, overcoming common vaginal infections in just days, and making a difference you can feel—in even the worst of systemic problems—within a week or so.

Some companies add protease (protein-digesting) enzymes to the fiber-digesting enzymes in Candex™. There are two reasons we do not feel this is a wise addition. First, the protease is not necessary to complete the task. Secondly, protease enzymes may compromise the health of probiotics, which are the friendly flora that are essential for good intestinal health. If you have yeast problems, or just want to keep yeast populations under control, count on Candex™!

Come by Willner Chemists Atlanta today and check out our selection of yeast balance and candida cleanse products or give us a call if you have any further questions or would like to order by mail and our knowledgeable staff of nutrition supplement professionals will be happy to assist you.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you believe you may have a yeast or fungal infection, as always check with your health care practitioner for a definitive diagnosis and treatment protocol appropriate for your condition.

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