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Improve Energy Levels – Improve Your Energy Levels!(Age Isn’t Why They Declined) Part 3

Amit Petani 0:02
Clearing the lymphatic pattern of toxin around your respiratory system very important in today’s pandemic and all that you also concerned about SPD has so this really helps. And then the last point is the small and is science. So you hold your ribcage like that and you move across the entire cage downwards. You might feel so and if you feel so that is a good point. That means there are toxins that needs to be flushed out. So don’t be scared. If you feel so on as you need to do it more. That’s that’s your body’s way of talking to you and telling you that there are toxins in your body which needs to go. So thick skin toxins. And the second the second last exercise the seventh exercise is called a zip up. This is basically to protect yourself like a shield from all negativity and energies and radiation that you have. So what you do is you hold our fingers like this, get it near the pubic bone You know, kind of

Cosmic Mike 1:02
right up into a low lip and former heart. Okay.

Amit Petani 1:08
If you have any positive affirmation that you would like to say is, this is a good time to say that, you know, you could say like I’m whole and perfect, strong and powerful and kind of feel it, you know, I do a couple of you feel good. So this is called as a pop and the last exercise, again to kind of finish everything off and kind of you know, lock in and close the energies is called a hookup to take the middle fingers, one hand or on the navel, one and on the, between the eyebrows portion and pull it up. Yeah, it doesn’t matter which hand it is it the middle fingers, push it and pull it up and stay there for four or five, six beds, what do you feel is right. So this kind of connects the whole energy system and the front of your energy body with the backside of your energy body. So you form like a complete circuit yeah I guess probably so this is like the eight routines that which you do everyday should do it everyday and it’s it’s just fantastic though

Cosmic Mike 2:13
for for the for the list for the watchers here I mean what jointed so how long do you think we should you should do this every day I mean

Amit Petani 2:20
in bed is no hard and fast rule Mike with this there is nothing that you can go wrong with it it is your own body’s energies you need to find a comforting do it after your shower or you want to do it properly before you leave for work or you know you’re feeling a bit stressed out stepping out of your house to get something you can do it that time. You can do it in the evening. Or you could do it even at night before going to sleep. as comfortable as you feel you can do it. I do it like once I started off at once or twice a day and I think once a day is good enough, you know to keep myself charged up.

Cosmic Mike 2:53
You know so yeah, we have a couple of questions. I mean sukoon is asking or she’s mentioning that this is very similar to The brain gym they use for the kid at school, you know, kind of helping them with the activities and integrating the left and the right together. So brings more I guess bring more focus and attention. So there’s still a lot of I guess you could get out of this is not only cleansing the system not only aligning yourself with the energy levels around you cleansing, bringing more focus getting rid of that wavering, I guess so it’s a lot of benefit because you’re all in together because you get your energy. That’s all we are. So if we can bring it in and let it flow through us much better are gone clearly. I guess we can do much better in your lives.

Amit Petani 3:41
You and You know what, what the good part is like you kind of trust your body then you know what happens people get scared when there is something that happens to you happens to everyone you know, you kind of worry why this pain or what’s happening and especially during these times. And when I was when I was done with COVID I focus a lot on cleaning the restaurants He kind of energies around it. And there is something we’ll install as a flash. So what do you do is each meridian like for example, my lung Meridian, you do a lung meridian flashed up, you kind of take out those toxins from the lung meridian and kind of charge it charges up charge it up again. So it’s, it is it is just fantastic.

Cosmic Mike 4:19
Oh yeah, definitely. I mean in Ayurveda also, you know, we talked about the chakras, but also we talked about the meridians there are so many different points and meridians are there and you use pressure points as such to stimulate them. It’s like what you were doing with the length. You’re basically stimulating this mean the lymph that’s here and under your shoulders and get it towards the heart because the heart starts circulating it with energy because it sends it the hearts job is to send it out. I mean, he was so alive. There’s so many things. There’s so many modalities that everybody’s been knowing about. So tell you one thing is how do you you know, this is some of the ways that you think big, we can pick up quick energy like you said, we can have this done in the morning or in the day or in the evening. But it keeps coming of course during your school mentioned there during that school,

Amit Petani 5:07
there’s absolutely no restriction if the kids learned sooner, the better if it’s a newborn baby, and you know, you want to practice on them, you could do that you know. So there is one another pattern is joined figure eights. Now why figure eight is because when energy is looked up by an energy healer, they see a lot of figure eights, and a figure eight is very synonymous with the sign of infinity. So coincidentally, these kind of figure eights connect the entire grid of energy systems around you. So if your baby’s crying or cranky or is not falling asleep, you can do energy around it. If there is a certain part pain in your body, you you know, do an energy aid around if your eyes are feeling so you kind of just do an energy pattern around it, and these exercises will keep on getting affected. Once you keep on doing this daily energy routine. You know, physical energy can be used to dissipate pain from money Part of the body and just kind of flush it out for the system. And it’s amazing, it’s instantaneously you don’t need to be a expert. Everyone has this energy, they just needs to, you know, harness it

Cosmic Mike 6:09
correctly. And you know, of course, there’s a little bit question saying, you know, where you begin take on or do a course. And I’m going to mention to the audiences, you know, Ahmed has done a pretty detailed video a few episodes, I guess, on this so they can check out your Instagram. And you can always reach out to you, you know, for further I’m sure you offer some courses where they you can help them out if they you know, on which website or which course to do. So. That’s good. So my other question would be also is a What about when somebody is pregnant or somebody is going through like you say, call somebody sick?

Amit Petani 6:44
That’s it that that is that time there. You can really test it yourself. Even if you’re going through pregnancy, like I told you, my energy is neither good or not bad. I don’t kind of see it that way. I kind of see it. Whether the energy is not flowing strong. Or the energies be so basically how do we do that so even if it’s pregnant and you kind of want to pass on positive energy and vibes to your child to your unborn child you could do that. And you know if you want to kind of smooth it and kind of energize them and kind of you know, keep them protective and in a kind of an aura, you can do all that so there is no restrictions at all when you’re practicing energy medicine.

Cosmic Mike 7:23
Of course, that’s, that’s really true because everything is energy, even, you know, the leaves, the plants, the herbs, everything is energized. You know, when I started practicing myself is when I sit down to eat anything, I have kind of started gratefully to be grateful for that food but also that the energy that I need, so do those who practice I don’t,

Amit Petani 7:47
I do know that if you can become really good at it, you can pick up that food and you can energy tested whether that is good for you. So what is good for me, not Nestle’s. Good for you energetically and what is good for me Six in the evening might not be good for me at 10 in the morning. So it’s it’s it’s dynamic, you know energies flowing and fluctuating by the second by the microsecond. So, if you kind of align yourself with that, I think, I think

Cosmic Mike 8:16
give us give us another tip, like, you mentioned that these are the energy to bring the energies up, but what are the other ways where we could figure out our own energy, your own frequency as such, what you have practiced? So,

Amit Petani 8:32
Mike, you would have to do the course to understand that for yourself, I would it would not be right on my part to tell you, you know what, what’s good for you, each person is different. your particular chakra could be something which is hindering your Kundalini flow, or there could be something you’re strong at, and it is feeding off onto another energy marine feel like you have something which is called as a triple warmer which is a fight or flight. light energy. Now everyone has a highly highly hyperactive triple warmer. So what happens is this triple warmer feeds on the speed stream meridian. So when it comes continuously feeding on the spleen meridian the spleen meridian which is an important meridian which kind of takes care of all it gets, it doesn’t have that enough energy to kind of, you know, balance everything out you know, it’s like a traffic cop is getting, you know, pulled down by some traffic violators and its energy is diverted so so there are a lot of things that you would learn once you do the course so that’s why I say the daily energy routine is something which is kind of universal for all it takes care of the toxins, it takes care of hooking up it takes care of balancing, it activates the energy system so it’s like it takes in bits and pieces of all these excise and you know kind of puts it all together.

Cosmic Mike 9:51
So you know doing this at night before you sleep when you think that would be the right because it may energize you, I mean or will put you to sleep because the energy is flowing much better now.

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