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How To Restore Energy – How To Restore Your Energy Levels Part 2

Cosmic Mike 0:00
From there, everything culminates. So, when I talk about energy medicine, it’s not only chakras, it’s about you know the meridians. Then there are other chakras, the seven chakras and these chakras feed into the to the energy meridian and then there are the radiant circuits you know, which is which are responsible for gratitude, happiness, and then our network of you know, pathways and grids, you know, like how you have the power grid, so you have a basic power grid, so, basically look at it with just a energy wireframe, you know, buzzing and how to keep ourselves buzzing and you know, charged, if he can be able to do that. I think, I don’t think that disease will come anywhere close to you.

Amit Petani 0:44
Well, you know, what I want to learn because of our VEDA. So, in our VEDA, they call them daddies basically and you know, we are we are basically energy and vibrating at a certain frequency, once we can align ourselves with that frequency of the cosmos. You know, We are able to bring that this into just ease, you know, like, just imagine. So it’s what is the daily process because, of course we get bombarded with our responsibilities bombarded with a lot of activities that we’re doing, you know, put up my hands and everything. So we are consuming our energy very fast. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you to kind of tell our audiences How can you replenish that energy quickly. And one of the simple ways the quick ways that you are found or you have studied or you practice, you know, we can bring that of course sleep is one thing, but I’m sure you have a lot of other ways we could do that.

Cosmic Mike 1:34
So you know what, there is something which is which I call the daily energy routine that we’ve been taught. And this is something that you need to do it every day, you have to make it a habit. So what it does is basically, it keeps your energetic Oh, I would call the astral energy body kind of humming and you know, charged and you need to do it everyday in the morning. You want to do it once or twice a day and it does not take a lot of time at all, probably five or 10 minutes and if you want I could kind of demonstrate quickly about those exercises.

Amit Petani 2:03
Go ahead. Yeah, I mean, just tell just tell us a little bit brief about them. And then we quickly you can just show us, you know exactly what each one works. So probably

Amit Petani 2:11
I will do while I’m talking to you, I’ll kind of tell you about that exercise. And the important part during this exercise Mike is and for all the viewers who have to tune in is basically you need to breathe in with a closed mouth and breathe out through an open mouth. So what happens is, when you’re breathing in with a closed mouth, the tongue is automatically the upper lip, it’s like a plus sign of a battery. And when you breathe out through your mouth, your tongue automatically settles down as like the negative part of your battery. So it’s like connecting the battery plus minus plus minus of it. beatings could be through the nose, read out through the mouth. Okay, so now I’ll tell you a few energy. I’ll tell you the daily energy routine. These are eight short exercises and I’ll just explained to you while I’m doing them, yeah,

Cosmic Mike 2:56
yeah, just go a little bit slower because I want the audience to make notes You’re gonna run questions, please put your questions as soon as you know when Mike is showing these things. Go ahead.

Amit Petani 3:04
Yeah. Okay, so what happens is this exercise is for the shoulder crossover, okay? This is really important before you start your daily energy routine, what it basically does is you take your, I don’t know if it’s the right hand of mine on a right shoulder, you can start off with any hand, okay? And digging deep into your shoulder, right? And then you kind of digging in deep and pulling it across to the opposite side, through your hips. So again, left on the right hand side, pushing, pulling it and pushing it across you do this like probably for four minutes, breathing in and breathing out. So what’s happening is you’re kind of activating your energy and you’re making your energies from the left cross over to your right, and vice versa. So you kind of given them a kind of a you know, boost like that boost to this. Yeah. Can we follow up with what is called the four times? Yeah, so the four times are the first companies take three fingers Tom right below your eyes on the optic board. Okay, and breathe in and breathe out. Now what this exercise is doing is kind of grounding you, okay? It’s grounding you these times ground you. So this is there are four times this is the first time. The second time is at the clavicle, you see that there’s a bone that juts out here at the base of your neck or your inch. Below it, you’ll see a kind of a dent, you’ll automatically find it yourself, you know? So take two or three fingers and hit your what this is called is the K 27 plot point. What this does is it kind of realigns all your body energy. So do that for two or three breaths you’re comfortable with, then you go down to the thymus gland. Okay, you’re trying to activate your thymus gland which is responsible for immunity. So you will be someday we are on your, on your stohlman if you’re wearing a pendant or your necklace, it automatically kind of falls on it, you know? Yeah, and you did. Okay. To us, so that you don’t miss the point and you tumble it again for two or three minutes, no. And this again helps in increasing your immunity as well. So this is a beautiful point. Then you go to the spleen point which is also a very important point because it helps in metabolizing your digestion not only digestion but also you know, your mental negative chatter or negative feelings or negative energy that you’ve taken over from lvns this kind of metabolizes this, okay, so you Tom, basically, a this is an invaluable pathetically down and the last rep that you see you kind of tempo that for the ladies it can be the bar, the bra strap, so you know there and again for two or three beds for these Apollo photons to get to exercise over. Then the third exercise that we got to do is just another crossover for energies to cross over. You do a marching take your right hand and hit your Let me just keep on marching on this talk. You can just do it like 10 on each like that’s it. Or you can do that

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