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How To Lose Weight Fast, Naturally, And Safely Using Natural Remedies

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If you want to learn how to lose weight fast, then you must stay accountable to yourself. 

Hey, this is Cosmic Mike, and today we’re going to discuss ten simple ways to lose weight.

A lot of people ask that. So I just wanted to create these ten simple steps you should take regularly. If you can incorporate that daily, you will see that your metabolism and your weight is a check most of the time. Number one, eat less per serving.

We reduce the serving we eat regularly. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, just 35%. That will make a massive difference in the weight. Just 35%, just reducing the amount we eat per serving. There’s a big difference in not only the amount we eat but when we eat and at which time of the day.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Easy Tips To Drop Those Last Few Pounds

Overeating at night is what we are usually used to.

Having dinner outside when you’re entertaining, eating late, and just going to sleep can cause or add more weight to your body. So eating earlier in the evening, your last meal is the best time and eating the least amount at that point. And you can look at my other videos where we talk about what to eat at night, which will be the higher protein diet. Number three is eating warm or room temperature foods.

Many of us don’t realize that the refrigerator, the invention of the fridge, had caused a lot of this weight gain, where a lot of the cold meats were introduced in the 20s when this was happening. And this is where in the western world, a lot of that weight is gained because of the cold sandwich introduced into our diet.

So having that warmer meal, making sure that dinner is already warm, or warming it up before you have it, is the best thing because it’s the digestive system that breaks your food down. So the colder temperature is, the harder it is for the body to digest.

I mean, I’m a copper of that. We’re in this technological era where we’re just rushing to do things, and we don’t exactly warm that food up.

So just making sure not to have those cold meats and sandwiches regularly can make a huge difference in your weight loss program. Not having ice-cold drinks when we go to a restaurant, and they ask for water, I say a glass of water without ice.

Again, ice reduces the temperature in your system and your body. Your body is a room temperature, and it needs to have foods that are at room temperature and drinks that are at room temperature for it to digest and absorb.

The colder that environment gets, the hotter it will be for you to lose weight and, of course, gain weight. Like in winter, we’re more likely to gain weight because our digestive system is not as strong, and the sun is not as intense as summer, spring, or fall.

Number five is what equals fiber.

Fiber is essential in our diet because fiber doesn’t get absorbed, and the body. It grabs on to that extra sugar, cholesterol, and stuff in the colon and pulls it out, creating that bulk so we can get it out of the system.

So you could reduce those cravings for sugar by having extra fiber in your meals because that will keep your weight in check or get you starting to lose that weight. Number six is the amount of water that we drink it.

Especially when I have another video on precisely what time we should have water and how much the best time to have a glass of water, warm water is just 2 hours or an hour before you eat.

That way, you feel full. So when you sit for that meal, you’re not as hungry, and you eat less, which goes back to number one by eating less for each serving. Number seven is eating lighter foods.

We are heavier. When we are overweight, we want to lose weight. So guess what? We should be weighing our foods and understanding that a banana or a sandwich is much heavier than a piece of green or a lighter meal. So choosing your food with wheat is the key.

Choose by weight if you don’t understand anything about calories, food, and diet and are in a restaurant. The lighter foods are going to help you lose that weight. Number eight is a taste you should avoid when losing weight. Sweet, sour, and salty.

Salt brings too much water attention. A lot of people have more weight; the most important is water. They have too much water in the system where the body is holding water. I’ve done another video on how to manage that, how that happens—but getting rid of sweets.

We all know that if we want to lose weight, we want to minimize our sweet intake. So remember those three tastes sweet, sour, and salty. Number nine foods that are helpful just by understanding the taste of the foods that help achieve that weight loss is pungent, astringent, and bitter.

The opposite of sweet is bitter. Bitter fruit, bitter vegetables. We don’t like those bitter vegetables, but they are the best things to get us on that program of losing weight.

I discussed again in another video how that happens and why that happens. So just having those three tastes of food, pungent, astringent, and bitter. Pungent is spicy, and spiciness gets you excited and gets you moving.

So number ten is detox.

Make sure you’re not constipated. Make sure whatever you’re eating is going through. Make sure you’re going to the bathroom for number two, at least once a day, because whatever you eat, if it gets old and stuck here, then obviously you’re going to be gaining and keeping that weight on.

You want to make sure this channel is running where you’re eating and eliminating and that it’s running smoothly and regularly. So hope that clears.

Final Thoughts

Clarifies just ten simple things that you could do to start on that weight loss. And imagine if you can be consistent and stick to these ten simple steps, you can be on a program that is consistent in losing weight and maintaining the weight that you want. Cosmic Mike, please subscribe to get more tips on these things.

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