Beat The Summer Heat Naturally – Taking Care Of Yourself

How To Beat The Summer Heat Naturally? August is popularly known as the “Dog Days of Summer.”  How can we beat the summer heat naturally with these extremely high temperatures? To be in harmony with the energy of summer which represents the “yang” principle in Chinese medicine.  Upon waking, reach outside for the sun as … Continued

6 Benefits of Elderberry

84 kids died so far of the flu in 2018, making it the worst flu season in a decade.  Over 60 people have died from flu-related complications in Georgia this year.  With the beautiful weather that has suddenly arrived, it’s hard to believe that experts are predicting that more flu-related deaths are still to come. … Continued

The 5 Best Herbs for Seasonal Allergies

Ahh… spring is in the air! But along with that sunshine and spring breeze comes pollen, and lots of it. While the worst of allergy season is over for some of us, for others, it’s just getting started. Pollen from all types of trees, grasses, and flowers can trigger an allergy flare-up, so it’s good … Continued

Power Push: Boost Your Athletic Performance!

By Cameron Hendrix In addition to eating well and staying hydrated, consider nutritional supplements that can boost your endurance and help you recover from your workouts. A multivitamin/mineral supplement is a good place to start to make sure you’re covering the basics of your needs. But advanced training may benefit from additional help. Recent research … Continued

Ask the Doctor: Real Answers from Dr. Robert Corish

by Robert Corish, MD Q: Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve popped acetaminophen or ibuprofen if I have a headache or some other minor pain. Now, I’m hearing bad things about these pain relievers. I’ve never had problems. Are they really that bad? A: If you’ve ever walked down the aisle in a drug … Continued

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