Give the gift of pure, natural, non-toxic skin care with Mychelle Dermaceuticals “All in One” Trial and Travel Kits. Remember whatever you put on your skin is also going into your body. What’s in the skincare products your loved ones are using? This holiday season why not give them the gift of a natural, non-toxic … Continued

New Product of the Week at Willner’s: Organic Tampons

Most people are unaware of what conventional tampons are made of. Even though they all use cotton as  a main ingredient, they also contain a whole host of other toxic materials including plastic, rayon, dioxins and polyethylene among others. Some of these ingredients even have carcinogenic effects. This is all very alarming when one considers … Continued

Natural Pain Killers vs. Addictions

Astounding reports regarding the use of medication pain killers in our country is becoming a tsunami not an epidemic; so stated on the Dr. Oz show by an addiction specialist this past week. Pill parlors are opening around the country next door to nail salons labeled as chronic pain management stores only to be selling … Continued

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