The Master Cleanser – Discover the Ultimate in Health

Directions to The Master Cleanse The Master Cleanse follows, on the surface, a simple routine; one, however, that isn’t exactly easy. The rules are simple, yet the will power it takes to succeed is challenging . . . albeit achievable. In fact, every day you overcome the psychological need to eat, you feel a growing … Continued

Flower Remedies- A “Subtle” Way to Find Balance

Basic Truths About Bach Flower Remedies What are Bach Flower remedies? Bach flower remedies, dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, are remedies intended for emotional  and spiritual conditions, including depression, anxiety, insomnia or stress. They are safe for both adults, children and pets. The remedies contain a small amount of flower material in … Continued

Saturated Fats and Heart Disease | Addressing The Myths

Saturated Fats And Heart Disease   Attached is an article from the Weston Price Foundation, researchers in food and farming, updating the food pyramid put out by the USDA for 2010. This is a very valuable read as it talks about the vital role of saturated fats in our diet and how low fat diets have … Continued

Best Organic Greens – “Green” isn’t just for the environment

Best Organic Greens – Green Food Drinks Can Cleanse Us, Nourish Us, and Hydrate Us Read about our demo food of the day and its benefits! Feel good from going green! Free Green food tasting today! Facebook customers get 10% off today only! Check out this posting from the American Cancer Society! Be Active, … Continued

Benefits of Borage

Borage Oil is a miracle supplement for women, starting from age 14 all the way to post-menopause.  Literally from the inside out, bones to skin, borage oil has great things to offer every woman’s body.  Here are just a few of the benefits of borage oil: Bone health Skin health Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant PMS symptom relief … Continued

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