Best Magnesium Supplements: (Many Roles it Plays)

Best Magnesium Supplements:  What Is The Best Form Of Magnesium Supplement?   I have always been a big fan of eating some nuts as a snack in the evenings or late at night. Didn’t know they are packed full of Magnesium, which as you can see below a very important Mineral to sustain life. Being … Continued

Pure Black Raspberry Supplements

Black Raspberry Supplements: The “King of Berries” Black raspberry, affectionately known as “blackcap” by growers, is native to eastern North America, but now predominantly grows in Oregon. Oregon accounts for over 90% of black raspberry production in the United States. Black Raspberry contains an extremely dark pigment which allows them to be used as a … Continued

Prevent and Treat Heart Disease with Natural Medicine

Prevent and Treat Heart Disease – By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD In the last month, there’s been a lot of good news for those who want to prevent and treat heart disease.  This is the #1 killer of Americans. Three recent studies show that simple, natural treatments can lower your risk of a heart attack. Two … Continued

Combat Hair Loss: Lustrous Hair for Strengthening Growth

Combat Hair Loss: How To Increase Hair Growth Throughout history, people have sought remedies to combat hair loss. In Assyria, in 1500 BCE, common law dictated hairstyles according to social position and occupation. Baldness, considered an unsightly human defect, was hidden by wigs. Ancient Egyptian remedies included chopped romaine lettuce applied to the scalp and … Continued

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