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Came know what you eat, but you are more to digest. Agni In Ayurveda – Have you seen a lot of these people in the 80s or 90s or even the younger eat? Whatever they eat is gets digested, it gets absorbed, and you have the energy there, the perfect weight, the luster on the skin and even the there in the 80s or 90s, you have this fire within themselves, the sharpness in their eyes and their mentality. So those are the people where their digestive fire has stayed on, where it’s not gone down.


Or we’ll look at, you know, the different Agni right now and the four forms. So their digestive fire has been on, kept on, and it’s bringing that down and bringing those nutrients down properly and efficiently and getting absorbed. So, you know, looking at loss yesterday, we looked at what is up today. We can look at, you know, the different forms, therefore forms of an additional force. The first one is some summer, of course, basically is your ideal balance where you have a campfire, where you just all night long it’s been going on and it’s there.


It doesn’t come down or you get too high and you’re feeding it fuel. You know, you’re basically feeding the ideal amount of wood and the amount of food, I guess, for our digestive fire. So, you know, the goal should be is keeping that fire lit, keeping that fire going or having that spark all the time. And the best ways for, you know, the ideal scenario is where your fire is ideal. You digest your food properly. The nourishment of the organs gets all the nourishment they need and you have the energy. Your energy sustains.


You’re not just sluggish and lacking. I mean, it’s very rare with all the food that we have nowadays, all the processed stuff that we eat and the stress that we go through because the mind plays on your own. And you also, if you are, which we look at in the next forms, and the next one, of course, is we look at ticks, not ticks. No, it’s basically, you know, in Hindi or, you know, Dekha means spicy or very fiery.

agni in ayurveda


So that’s where New Organic is running at a really extremely high level. It’s not consistent, but it’s really just like, you know, when you’re running the car and you’re really pressing on the accelerator, you know, how much can Necati at that speed or that thing is going to burn down? So just like when you have a cup of coffee and your adrenals give you that spike and then suddenly you crash. So that’s what’s happening with your body or your digestive fire where it’s really running very high peak.


How long can it sustain? And most likely it will give up or it’ll be damp. And you know, because of knee is, you know, modulated or controlled by the pito, the picador and fire and water or the elements of the pit. So you see where the science is coming from and then it’s too fast and too high. You could have a lot of other issues that can come in. You know, hyperthyroid, your metabolism is running just too much.


You could have loose stools, diarrhoea, where nothing is really getting absorbed. It is running through you. So. Having those symptoms, you can understand that you’re firing all your digestion, maybe just too much peak, and you want to tone it down a little, which could be water. And we’ll look at other things, which also should help. Also in the mind, when you’re in an angry state or when you’re frustrated for a long period or you’re controlling or you’re very aggressive in your nature, that can also stimulate that fire within too much and for too long.


And what fires when it’s really hard to really be? It burns; it takes over; it melts, whatever is wrong. And that’s what’s going to happen in your gut. You know, symptoms like ulcers, heartburn, even skin irritation, anything that’s coming up on the skin that’s reddish is basically too much fire in the blood or too much fire in the digestive juices or too much fire in the brain where you’re thinking excessively, too much or you’re stressed about things.


And we all go through this acne, you know, that comes out in the skin and it could be just frustrations or you’re it could be just your desire to do something or your commitment and you’re trying to compete in certain things. So the mind also plays a lot. And that’s a picture. And that’s where you should avoid, of course, spicy foods because you fire already burning sleepless nights. You know, my mom has hypoparathyroidism where we also have it where I can see that when I’m really pumped up energetic or if I even have coffee in the morning, I could see myself getting up the middle of the night and just not able to sleep.


So anxiety could be a cause of that. Then, of course, the other spectrum having too high is too low, which is Moondoggie, and he’s basically having to lose meaning when you can’t fire, you’re not feeding your feeding or feeding it, basically. So if you’re putting too much wood into that fire, it’s going to cause or to dampen or to shut down. And this is where food earth, where we’re giving it too much earthy foods.


The quantity of food that you’re just giving it, it doesn’t have the time. It doesn’t get enough, you know, you know the time frame to really break the nutrient down and you are adding more to it or you’re eating too much quantity. So that’s also, you know, a terrible state where this can bring you different symptoms of weight gain. Of course, depression, colds, flus, you know, congestion, allergies. Your immune system is surprised because the body’s really just trying to digest that bird flu.


It’s really doesn’t have time to take care of other things. And, you know, weight increase, of course, could be constipation where things are backed up because now there’s too much food piled up on that. And if that continues, you could see people getting bloating or people getting a lot of fat that’s, you know, in this in the stomach area or in the waist area. And, you know, we all go through this, but there’s always the amount of volume that everyone is doing and for how long.


And this can cause these a lot of these symptoms. So, you know, we are only treating symptoms in these days, either naturally or by medicine or anything. We’re not looking at. We really stem from the weight starts from it all starts from the digestive fire and it starts long before it could be started. When you were a teenager, when you were younger and you didn’t take care of and you just eat your lavishly, which we all do, and eat because we could burn it on fire is very strong.


But if we keep continuing that, that’s where it takes a toll when we are in the 40s or 50s. And the fourth one is Vishwa Bhishma is basically irregular. It’s neither low nor sometimes is low, sometimes is high, sometimes it’s in the middle. So it’s sporadic. It’s up and down. You don’t know when you’re hungry; you don’t know when you’re not hungry. So we have you’re basically eating when you’re not supposed to be eating or you’re basically eating when the juices are not ready.


So they’re not digesting. And that’s more associated with the Votto Doescher because vatas the movement where it’s made of space and beer. So there’s too much sporadic movement just like here and there’s too much space. And that could cause a lot of bloating, gassy, as you know, just puffiness. And you want to make sure that’s why it’s important to eat at the right time. Every day’s important to sleep at the right time, same time every day, because the body gets used to and the cells get used to a certain habit.


And that’s where they work when they know food is coming. And so it’s very important to understand where is your digestive fire therefore forms. You know, the main the digestive fire. It could be high, it could be low, it could be sporadic. But we want to be consistent. And the more of course it cannot because. Forever, we want to maintain that consistency, and that’s what we’re going to look at tomorrow, see one of Europe’s will too.


What are the life changes we could do to manage all this? You know, think of the digestive fire having three factors, fuel and spark and, of course, wind, because the fuel is we need to feed the food, which is the cover. We needed food for it to be sparked up, but we can give it too much because otherwise it will suppress it. And then, of course, the wind sorry, the spark which comes from the pit, we just need to give it the right spark.


If we give it too much, then it could also go down. And then the last, of course, is wind where we cannot have too much wind in there, too much water, too much emotion in our minds, too much anxiety in the brain where it can cause constipation and it can cause other issues. So I hope that was helpful, you know, understanding the different this cause. You might have a safe and happy Wednesday.


See you tomorrow on Thursday. Right.

Agni In Ayurveda | How To Improve Agni In Ayurveda | Agni Ayurveda | Cosmic Mike With Peach Vitamins The Benefits of Agni Ayurveda – Agni Ayurveda is an ancient science based on the Vedic scriptures of India that uses Ayurvedic herbs and medicines for digestion. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic healing is the method in which ancient Indian medical practitioners used to heal their patients and this practice has been adopted by westerners. Agni Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medical treatments in the world. Ayurveda uses herbal remedies for a variety of health problems. It was developed in the seventh century BC by Brahma as a form of alternative medicine that was used to treat sicknesses and injuries. Ayurveda uses herbal formulations to cure many diseases and illnesses. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the theory that our bodies are naturally healthy and that a patient can heal from disease and illness if the body is able to maintain good health and balance. It also stresses the importance of avoiding toxins from the environment because they can damage the health of our bodies. The natural detoxification process that occurs in the body when we live a healthy lifestyle is what helps to fight illness. When the body’s natural cleansing processes are inhibited, there is more strain placed on the digestive system. This can lead to other health problems and complications. The digestive system is one of the body’s major organs. This organ helps to break down food and help the body digest food. It is one of the most important organs in the body, because it controls the absorption of nutrients in the foods that we eat. When our body is not functioning properly, it can produce toxins that can damage our health. If the digestive system is functioning properly then it can cleanse itself by eliminating these toxins. The toxins are removed through the bowel movements. Cleansing is done by the natural processes of our body. In addition to the digestive system, other organs of the body also benefit from a healthy digestive system. The skin, kidney, and bladder are just some of the organs that are affected by the functioning of the digestive system. When the digestive system is not functioning correctly, it can affect the other organs as well. If the digestive system is working properly, then the patient can reap the benefits of its positive effects. A healthy digestive system can help with weight loss and the ability to lose weight. It can help to boost the immune function. It can help the body to absorb the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that it needs. The natural digestive processes in the body are also able to heal and remove impurities from the body. These impurities can result in diseases such as asthma, arthritis, and allergies. A healthy digestive system can help with weight loss and the ability to lose weight. It can help to boost the immune function. The natural detoxification process in the body is also beneficial for the immune system. It helps to eliminate toxins that can result in various illnesses. If the immune system is compromised, then it can lead to an immune system that is weak and easily susceptible to infection. The immune system is also involved in many other systems in the body. If the immune system is weakened, then it can lead to infections in the lungs, the skin, and the digestive system as a whole. A healthy digestive system has been proven to be very helpful in dealing with diseases and illnesses. It is important to use herbs that help with cleansing, as well as those that can help with maintaining a proper weight and proper functioning of the digestive system. This video is also about agni ayurveda,agni in ayurveda,agni ayurveda santa fe,agni concept in ayurveda,agni ayurveda digestion,how to increase agni- ayurveda,agni karma in ayurveda,agni ayurveda panvel,agni panacea ayurveda multispeciality,jathara agni ayurveda,agni ayurvedic village packages,types of agni in ayurveda,role of agni in ayurveda,definition of agni in ayurveda,how to improve agni in ayurveda,ama in ayurveda,functional medicine, and alternative medicine.

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